A meditation oasis: 16 minutes of peace & beauty

Welcome to a place of meditation. An appreciation of life's little mysteries and miracles.

In the words of Professor DT Suzuki,

"The truth of Zen,
Just a little of it,
Is what turns one's Life of monotonous,
Commonplace actions,
Into one of art,
Full of genuine inner creativity."

If you are new to meditation, and especially if you have had trouble meditating in the past, you may find this presentation helpful. Beginning meditators often have trouble tuning in for more than a few minutes, so this site presents images that automatically change every 30 seconds.


( Alternately, if you wish to go through the photos at your own speed:
there is a spot to click on the right side of the photo to go forward,
on the left side to go back,
a spot towards the bottom of the photo to pause the presentation,
and a spot at the top to return to the start. )


You can click here to go to the photos now.     But we suggest:

To experience the presentation in a meditative way:

1 - Just sit up straight,

2 - Breathe deeply and slowly through your nostrils,

3- Let go of thoughts that arise.

Usually focusing your attention on the air entering and leaving your body will help you to concentrate on the here and now. (although, if a really great idea pops into your head, like how to cure cancer, end war, or where to find really good Chinese food, it may be best to jot down some brief notes on a piece of paper, then go back to a receptive mental state).

[ thoughts will arise. sometimes i feel like the guy who had the bumper sticker that said: "i just do what the little voices tell me." Meditation is about listening. Some people wonder how you can recognize an authentic spiritual inspiration. I hold with those who say, if the voice tells you to feed the hungry, heal the sick, comfort those who mourn, create something of beauty, that may be a voice from heaven. If you hear a voice telling you to harm those who annoy you, you can be sure that is a voice from a different direction.]

We seek to present images of beauty, simplicity, and freshness.

We suggest you just let the pictures flow. After you start the image presentation, the next picture will come up in 30 seconds.

Remember, you don't have to do everything.

As Casey Stengel once said, "You can observe a lot by just watching."

Start the image show now.